NFL World Reacts  : Lamar Jackson  terrible Update

By Nitin Singh

The Baltimore Ravens have looked shaky at best Without their star quarterback Lamar Jackson, who has missed the last three games for the Ravens due to a knee injury

Since Jackson hasn't worked out since sustaining the injury, it comes as no surprise that the Ravens have decided to sit him out of Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to Jackson's original injury schedule, his strained PCL injury may keep him out for up to three weeks.

Since his initial injury occurred more than three weeks ago, many Ravens supporters are wondering when he might possibly return and what the hold-up in his recovery process is.

What's going on with Lamar Jackson, tweeted ESPN West Palm's Theo Dorsey.

“It’s a fair question to wonder if we’re going to see Lamar Jackson again this season,” tweeted Matt Verderame of Fansided.

Jackson's return date is not yet known, but his pending contract negotiations with the Ravens at the conclusion of current NFL season are the big issue.

Jackson, who turned down a contract extension back in September, is about to become a free agency. 

He might be resting to avoid reinjuring himself and jeopardizing his upcoming contract talks, which could cost the Ravens this season. 

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