On Thursday Night Football last year, the 6-2 Ravens played the 2-7 Dolphins. Baltimore didn't have a good outcome.

The Dolphins frequently puzzled and perplexed the Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson by employing a cover-zero pre-snap look that involved blitzing some players and dropping others into coverage. Miami triumphed, 22-10.

Jackson will have another opportunity this year, in just the second game of the year, to break through a defence that stymied him in November.

While not entirely his fault, the quarterback always receives an excessive amount of praise and criticism.

Josh Boyer is still the defensive coordinator for the Dolphins despite the coaching change, and the most of the defence players are still there.

Jackson's chances of eventually signing a fully guaranteed contract won't improve if the Dolphins treat him unfairly once more.

If  Ravens decide to give up on trying to sign Jackson and instead opt to move him, the Dolphins are said to be one of the prospective bidders.

Jackson will then have the opportunity to prove to the Ravens that he understands how to defeat the Dolphins on Sunday.

He also has the potential to demonstrate to the Dolphins what he might be able to do for them, If they decide to make an attempt to hire him after the current campaign.

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