The 49ers' quarterback dilemma took all summer to resolve, and in an odd manner, it has paid off for them.

They made the choice to keep Jimmy Garoppolo, and it turns out they will need him after the third overall pick in 2021.

 Trey Lance sustained an ankle injury that will terminate his season, returning Jimmy Garoppolo  to the starting lineup. 

Despite Lance's injury, San Francisco's Super Bowl chances increased as Garoppolo assisted the 49ers in a rout of the Seahawks.

The "The 415ers" podcast by Audacy's Evan Giddings and Marc Grandi analysed the 49ers' chances to win the Super Bowl with the quarterback change. 

With the injury of Lance, it's becoming tough to win super Bowl title.

Trey Lance starting the entire season or even if he wasn't injured at this time would have put this team closer to the playoffs.

Lance gave the 49ers a potentially exciting quarterback, but Garoppolo is a safer alternative. That puts San Francisco in an unusual position.

Garoppolo can clearly win games, but when it comes down to a touchdown in the fourth quarter. He is unlikely to be the player in situations where you need yards and a win.

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