What are the Packers' playoff prospects heading into Week 15?

By Nitin Singh

The Green Bay Packers made good use of their bye week.

Packers had a chance to relax and heal prior to a crucial four-game run to finish the regular season and they also received assistance from other clubs.

Even though the Packers didn't play a single snap on Sunday, their chances of making the playoffs actually increased.

The New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks both lost, allowing Green Bay to edge ahead by another game.

According to FiveThirtyEight's most recent estimates, the Packers have a 5% probability of making the playoffs.

The Packers had a successful day on Sunday. They require the Seahawks to lose several games.

The Packers still have several challenging games left, including a Christmas Day game against the Miami Dolphins and a divisional clash with the Minnesota Vikings.

Packers might have a chance to go to the playoffs, though, if they can run the table.

The outcomes from Sunday somewhat increased their prospects. The onus is now on Green Bay to win its final four games.