On sunday, New Orleans saint lost to Carolina Panthers by 22-14.

The match happened at America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

On their first two drives, the Panthers' offence had been toothless, managing only 19 yards on seven plays and two punts.

The Saints failed to score on their opening possession, but this was largely their own fault.

 A promising drive that started at the New Orleans 11-yard line and went all the way to the Carolina 36.

The drive including a third-down conversion, stalled out on third-and-5 after an illegal chop component disallowed a 17-yard completion.

The Panthers received the much-needed boost early on in the game when a defensive score gave them a 7-0 lead.

The Saints were never able to overcome the uphill struggle they faced for the remainder of the game.

With 12:31 remaining in the fourth quarter, they were successful in cutting the score to six, at 13-7.

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