Trey Lance triumphed over Justin Fields in the Bears' quarterback competition.

There was a lot of finger pointing in this one, but Trey Lance pointed it squarely at himself after the game.

This was a terrific beginning to learning more about Trey's coping mechanisms, which will be one of the things we discover about him this year.

Trey might have brought up the team's 12 penalties, which cost them 99 yards.

On 12 of his 34 dropbacks, the offensive line Trey used allowed pressure (without facing a single blitz). He decided to take it all on himself.

In the past, Jimmy Garoppolo would frequently characterise all of his mistakes as team mistakes.

It speaks a lot about Trey as a person and a leader when he is taking responsibility of defeat. 

When under pressure, Trey went just 1 for 7 and lost -2 yards.

Trey had three scrambles for 14 yards in addition to taking two sacks.

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