Here are three of the finest bets you can make this week on the 49ers game.

1.The longest completion for Trey Lance was over 36.5 yards.

In 17 games last season, the Bears gave up 15 receptions of more than 37 yards.

We are aware that the 49ers will want to attempt long field goals, especially off play-action.

Fortunately, the 49ers have the YAC skill to turn this over on a fast pass even if Trey doesn't look down the field.

2.Brandon Aiyuk recorded 49.5 receiving yards. 

For the past two years, Trey and Brandon have been close friends throughout the offseason.

Aiyuk misfired on this in eight of his final 11 games of the previous season (including the playoffs), covering 94 yards during Lance's start against the Texans.

3.David Montgomery has made more than 14.5 rushes.

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