Russell Wilson, the former Seattle Seahawks and current Denver Broncos quarterback, is well-known to the Atlanta Falcons.

Wilson has won four of the last seven games against the Dirty Birds, so they've seen it firsthand.

Two of the defeats came in the only two postseason meetings between the two teams.

The Falcons actually had a factor in the eventual split between the Seahawks and the greatest quarterback in Seahawks history.

The Atlanta Falcons were at the epicentre of Russell Wilson's feud with the Seattle Seahawks.

Ironically, if the Atlanta Falcons had been a strong team in 2019, this narrative might not have taken place.

It begins with talking about how angry Wilson was while watching Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes competeness.

Throughout the whole Super Bowl LV game, the Buccaneers defence repeatedly hit Mahomes with haymakers.

Russ wanted nothing more than to play in the game against Mahomes and the Chiefs.

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