If ESPN's Adam Schefter's latest report is correct, they may have had good reason to do so.

According to Schefter, the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco's main rival in the NFC West,

 have the "makings of a deal" if the 49ers release Garoppolo.

"It was going to be such a Rams move," a 49ers organization member told Schefter.

 "Sean McVay and Kevin Demoff would have loved it."

Reactions to this report have ranged from 49ers fans thanking the team for keeping Jimmy G in the fold to speculation

that the Rams' interest in the veteran signal caller means Matthew Stafford's elbow is in worse shape than previously reported.

This season, Garoppolo is San Francisco's backup quarterback behind Trey Lance. 

In the third quarter of a rainy Soldier Field, the 49ers lead the Chicago Bears 10-7.

Meanwhile, the Rams were defeated 31-10 by the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night, with Stafford throwing three interceptions.

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