During the Week 2 game against the Seahawks, the quarterback shattered his ankle and had to be helped off the field. 

Walker is running for a seat in the United States Senate from Georgia.

Walker is making a run for a high-level government position, thanks to some assistance and promotion from former President Donald Trump.

However, the former college and NFL star is not without his detractors. Walker has received harsh criticism for some of his alleged past actions.

"Herschel Walker likes to say that he's been open about his past violence and that he discussed it in his book.

However, he frequently avoids questions about his abusive behaviour, and his book makes no mention of violence directed at his ex-wife.

Multiple documented cases of assault and abuse against women should automatically disqualify someone from holding public office.

Unless you're being used as a willing pawn in the republican effort to take over the government at all costs," another supporter wrote.

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