After the Los Angeles Chargers suffered a defeat to the Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles gained advantage in the Super Bowl odds over the Los Angeles Chargers.

Even though it's still very early in the NFL season, the frenzy that surrounds forecasts, opinions, and even odds makes the early weeks fun.

The big Thursday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs to open Week 2.

The Chargers dropped to +1600 after their defeat on Thursday and the chance that Justin Herbert might have a rib injury, giving the Eagles the sole fourth-best odds from FD to win the Super Bowl.

The chance of a big game has significantly decreased as a result of Thursday's loss and Herbert's injury.

It's difficult to accept that a team like the Packers, who had a terrible Week 1, have dropped to fifth place and below.

Fans of the Eagles must adore this, regardless of their team.

Your team is getting credit for its abilities even if it only barely beat the Lions in Week 1.

Despite having a dismal completion % in Week 1, Jalen Hurts had the best accuracy in the NFL for passes made beyond the sticks.

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