Brown, one of the NFL's best wide receivers, has struggled in recent years.

On Saturday, a disturbing video of Brown exposing himself and possibly assaulting a woman in a Dubai pool in May went viral on social media.

The video is, of course, disturbing and graphic, and Brown should face serious consequences for his actions.

Clearly, something has gone horribly wrong for the former NFL star. He most likely requires immediate assistance.

Antonio Brown requires immediate mental assistance.

Antonio needs fewer people to sign off on his strange behaviour.

Another fan wrote, "Antonio has a self-destructive element to his personality right now that he needs to get rid of before it's too late."

Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr. is a free agent in the NFL.

Brown, who began his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, hasn't played since storming off the field during a game against the New York Jets.

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