T.J. Watt's contract has been altered by the Pittsburgh Steelers in order to free up a few million dollars in cap space.

To save $6.75 million, the Steelers renegotiated the contract.

Before Watt's contract modifications, Spotrac indicates that Pittsburgh had $2.483 million in cap space available.

The incumbent Defensive Player of the Year had the team's highest cap hit, at $31.1 million.

The Steelers routinely carry close to $10 million into the season in case of an emergency.

This is to compensate for potential injuries or make in-season signings as the team approaches the playoffs.

They'll have roughly $9.233 million in cap space going into Week 1.

Last season, Watt was named Defensive Player of the Year and set a single-season record with 22.5 sacks.

Since being drafted in the first round by the Steelers in 2017, he has four Pro Bowl appearances and three First-Team All-Pro selections.

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