Before facing the Cincinnati Bengals to start the 2022 NFL season on Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin prepared a special treat for his squad.

That treat-  a fresh pair of Air Force 1 sneakers in all black.

Starting running back Najee Harris shared the video of the performances on Saturday morning, accompanied with a grinning Tomlin.

Of course, the head coach of the Steelers did not merely do this as a kind deed. This was a message as well.

Over time, black Air Force 1s have developed into a sort of societal meme.

Anyone who purchases them on purpose is not to be trusted.

You have to ask them right away why they would do it. These people don't care about their safety or yours.

Despite making the playoffs a year ago, the Steelers are still considered to be a serious underdog in the AFC and AFC North this season.

They are not accustomed to playing this particular role. It seems like they are accepting it.

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