One player rarely decides a football game. It's challenging to refute Minkah Fitzpatrick, though.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the first week, Minkah Flitzpatrick did just that.

The All-Pro safety concluded and began the game with outstanding defensive plays.

First, he intercepted Bengals quarterback and demigod Joe Burrow's first ball of the year and returned it for a pick six.

When the score was knotted at 20, Minkah Fitzpatrick intercepted Even McPherson's attempt to score the game-winning extra point, forcing an overtime period that the Steelers won.

The Bengals and Joe Burrow were tormented for a full week before their next game despite the fact that it was more like a half-finger.

Fitzpatrick is prepared to go above and beyond to get the Steelers even a little bit closer to a victory.

For the Steelers to have any chance of success this year, their defence must play well.

It's a sure bet that Minkah Fitzpatrick will continue to make a significant impact for Pittsburgh in the future.

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