T. J Watt was initially expected to miss the remainder of the season after being diagnosed with a pec tear.

The defending Defensive Player of the Year may have a less catastrophic injury than what was initially believed to be a torn pectoral muscle, according to reports.

During the fourth quarter of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Watt departed the field and was heard muttering, "It's ripped," as he made his way to the sidelines.

The Pittsburgh Steelers might have averted disaster if they had T.J. Watt had an upper body injury.

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have been able to avoid disaster with T.J. Watt had an upper-body injury.

The Steelers won't know if Watt will miss the season until tomorrow, but there is some hope that he averted a full tear.

When Watt exited the game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth quarter, he was heard muttering, "It's ripped," as he made his way to the bench.

Rapoport claims that Watt might have surgery or rehabilitation for his injuries before making a four- to six-week comeback.

Before deciding whether to continue playing this season, Watt will examine his pec a second and third times

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