Steelers journey from scratch to winner.

On September 20, 1933, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the NFL's predecessor to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 

played their inaugural game, losing 23-2 against the New York Giants.  

The Pirates never had a record greater than.500 or placed higher than second in their division throughout the 1930s (1936).

Pittsburgh did create NFL history in 1938 by giving future Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Byron White the largest contract ever,

but he only spent one season with the Pirates before joining the Detroit Lions.

The Pirates changed their name to the Steelers before the 1940 season.

The Steelers faced a player scarcity in World War II.

They united with the Philadelphia Eagles to form the "Phil-Pitt Eagles" in 1943, also known as the "Steagles." Its record was 5-4-1.

They united with the Chicago Cardinals in 1944, becoming the Card-Pitts (or, mockingly, as the "Carpets").

The sole winless team in franchise history, this team concluded with a record of 0–10.

The Bad luck history of steeler changed  with the signing of the coach Chuck Noll.

Over the period of time steeler had two more coaches Bill Cowher years (1992-2006)

and Mike Tomlin years (2007-present) respectively, who led the steelers to a new height.

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