Shannon Sharpe isn't a fan of Baker Mayfield.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sharpe, an analyst on Undisputed, tweeted to a fan, "Baker isn't it."

"Baker isn't it. I told you I knew what I was talking about "Sharpe used Twitter.

The past several weeks have been very stressful for Mayfield.

Mayfield hasn't been able to complete the task, prompting some experts to question whether he is the Panthers' genuine quarterback.

Mayfield has only passed for 380 yards and two touchdowns all season.

 In the Panthers' Week 2 loss to the Giants, Mayfield only completed 48% of his attempts and threw for 145 yards.

If things don't improve soon, the Panthers should consider making some significant changes, one of which might involve removing head coach Matt Rhule from his position.

Panthers will ideally start winning some games so that it never comes to that.

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