Senior quarterback Sean Clifford nearly broke in half by Owen Pappoe during the opening period of this Saturday's game between Penn State and Auburn.

Clifford took a significant hit from Pappoe, which was authorised. Even though it appeared to be a fatal blow to the Penn State quarterback, he quickly stood up and continued to play.

Naturally, when this play took place in real time, the football world was in disbelief.

Dov Kleiman remarked, "Don't recall the last time I've seen a QB be blown apart like this in a game," after witnessing this hit.

Pappoe's hit was all the more spectacular given that Clifford dropped the ball on this play.

For 107 yards on 7 of his 9 passes completed in the first half, Clifford has been reliable. He gained 15 yards and scored on the ground as well.

Sean Burke Clifford is the quarterback for the Penn State Nittany Lions in American football.

Owen Papoe is the linebacker for the Auburn Tigers in American football.

This exciting game between Auburn and Penn State is being televised on CBS.

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