The focus will be on Russell Wilson when he returns to face his former team as a starting quarterback for the first time.

The old AFC West rivals no longer regularly compete against one another.

Wilson, however, is anticipated to make Denver a serious AFC playoff contender.

With Geno Smith taking his place, Seattle is anticipated to be among the NFC's weakest teams.

The Broncos are in up 35-21. The Seahawks have not been faced by them since 2018.

Although the Seahawks had won the previous two and three of the previous five meetings, the Broncos won that one.

Most notably, Wilson led the Seahawks to a 43-8 victory over Peyton Manning's Broncos in Super Bowl 48.

The Broncos have the ability to completely control this game through Wilson's throwing, Williams and Gordon's running, and their own defence.

Wilson's prior exposure to a hostile Seattle environment will aid in calming his teammates for a straightforward victory. 28 Broncos to 10 Seahawks