Russell Wilson replies to Marshawn Lynch's trending remark

By Navneet Singh

Russel, the Denver Broncos quarterback had a message for his former running back,Marshawn lynch in Seattle.

Throughout his illustrious NFL career, Russell Wilson has never had to face the kind of widespread criticism he is currently facing.

Although the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos is in his eleventh season and has made nine Pro Bowls, he has never before been made fun of on a national level.

But when a team trades multiple first- and second-round draught picks, along with three other important players, to get a quarterback like Wilson, they later sign him to a five-year, $245 million contract.

It is expected that player would perform at a level appropriate for the team's investment. Wilson hasn't taken that action.

The fact that Wilson hasn't performed well in any of the Broncos' first five games, which have all been on the national primetime stage, is part of the issue.

Wilson is the subject of a lot of negative criticism and name-calling in the national viewpoint due to recency bias and his performance in the first four games.

On Friday, Wilson responded to Lynch's backing in the audience.

Lynch was described by Wilson as "always fantastic." One of the players I've ever played with, just the way he approaches things and how wonderful a competitor he is.

Whatever Wilson's reasons for wanting to leave Seattle may have been, they won't help him now, given his current slump and the negative public response.