The Seattle Seahawks are in strange ground after years of quarterback stability.

They had Russell Wilson as their offensive coordinator for a very long time.

However, Wilson's departure has made Seattle's quarterback situation look precarious.

To be completely honest, a matchup between Geno Smith and Drew Lock is less than ideal.

Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seahawks, had an intriguing response when asked who his dream quarterback would be.

The Super Bowl-winning coach claimed that if he were to start from scratch and create the ideal quarterback, he would choose someone like Carson Palmer.

Carson Palmer has the physical aptitude to be an outstanding quarterback in the NFL, as stated by Carroll.

Carson Palmer had the physique and arm strength to be a dual-threat quarterback in the league for a significant period of his career.

Although Russell Wilson was more successful, it's possible to make the case that Palmer-like stature would have made the former Seahawks quarterback even more effective.

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