Quinn Ewers, the quarterback for the Texas Longhorns, suffered an injury to his non-throwing shoulder and was forced to miss Saturday's game against Alabama.

The first half was completed by backup quarterback Hudson Card.

Ewers has been declared formally ineligible to participate in the competition going forward.

According to college football expert Pete Thamel, the five-star quarterback transfer endured X-Ray testing in the locker room.

During the first quarter, Alabama linebacker Dallas Turner delivered a strong blow to Ewers.

Turner crashed on the quarterback and pushed his shoulder into the ground with his entire body weight.

Ewers is on the sidelines of the current game in street clothes as the second half begins.

He doesn't seem to have a brace of any kind on his left shoulder.

After Texas' opening drive of the second half, Hudson Card hobbled off the field. Charles Wright, a backup quarterback, is currently warming up on the sidelines.

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