A few short months ago, many in the NFL had very low expectations for this Carolina Panthers club, and with good reason.

Expectations have increased since Baker Mayfield became the quarterback, and some people now think the playoffs are possible.

They're the favourites right now to win the NFC South in Kyle Brandt's situation.

It's okay if the people at CBS Sports aren't using the same cup as Brandt.

With a small number of people on their side, the Panthers are fine playing the underdog.

The Panthers are ranked number 24 in the Week 1 NFL Power Rankings published by CBS Sports.

The Panthers are just ahead of the Jaguars, Texans, Lions, and Giants and just behind the Commanders, Browns, Patriots, and Steelers.

Washington will be a challenging team to watch in 2022, and they could end up with a top-ten pick in next year's draft.

Carolina will be considered a bottom-half league team.

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