Does Patriots owner Robert Kraft want clarification from Bill Belichick on his decision to bench Kendrick Bourne as New England gets ready to face the Steelers?

Bill Belichick's detractors are emerging from the shadows as the New England Patriots are 0-1 overall. Rex Ryan, a former coach, roasts him while ex-player LeSean McCoy rips him.

Bellichick is being questioned by Patriots owner Robert Kraft?

In a Week 1 loss to Miami on Sunday, Kendrick Bourne was "in mothballs," which undoubtedly got the owner's attention.

Is the Patriots owner looking for an explanation for his decision to bench Bourne? 

 Belichick's illustrious career has spared him of that. But is it wise to bench Bourne, possibly because he has a falling out with top Belichick aide Matt Patricia.

In the Miami Dolphins' loss. Bourne only took two snaps in the game, but one of them was a 41-yard reception from QB Mac Jones.

It's understandable why an owner of a struggling offence would want to see more of the 41-yard-reception guy.

The issue of playing time for Bourne, a former undrafted free agent now playing on a $5 million contract at the age of 27.

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