Brady smells incredible, according to the veteran Fox Sports sideline reporter, to the point where her husband, Jarret Stoll, even commented on it.

On Renee Paquette's "Sessions" podcast, Andrews said, "I'll say this about Tom, knowing Tom on and off the field, the guy always smells fantastic."

Even Andrews' former NHL player spouse, who was also a professional athlete, aspired to smell like the quarterback.

The dude has AMAZING scent! Do you find that shocking, though? Amazing," Andrews wrote.

"Hahaha, if he didn't smell amazing, I would be very disappointed! The privilege of getting a whiff! written Renee.

Does he have a fresher scent than an Infiniti? One admirer remarked, "I don't think you can beat the scent of a new automobile.

"My spouse would not wear it if I had purchased it for him. He's a real hater, but every year, Tom is my fantasy quarterback! One supporter made a joke.

American football quarterback Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. plays for the National Football League's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady played for the New England Patriots for his first 20 seasons, where he played a key role in the team's dynastic run from 2001 to 2019.

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