Sage Rosenfels, a former NFL quarterback, is trending on Twitter as a result of a remark he made about Brett Favre.

Favre and Rosenfels briefly played together in Minnesota in 2009.

The Hall of Famer's alleged role in a Mississippi welfare scandal was attacked by Rosenfels.

Rosenfels tweeted, "Since retirement, I have been fortunate to avoid taking millions of dollars from the poorest people in my state.

since Rosenfels posted this tweet,there were almost 12,000 likes on it, within an hour. 

The majority of Rosenfels' supporters  thanking him for criticising Favre.

Derek Thomas from Fox Weather tweeted, "Put Sage Rosenfels in the Hall of Fame."

An investigation last week revealed Favre's involvement in a benefit fraud scam.

Fevre was attempting to raise money to construct a new volleyball facility for Southern Mississippi.

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