The "clerical" issue with the depth chart by the Pittsburgh Steelers isn't real.

The NFL is a well-oiled machine. Nothing comes in or out until everyone is aware of it.

So, waiting nearly a full day to remedy a depth chart inaccuracy isn't realistic - but why would they do it?

Mason Rudolph didn't appear to be overjoyed about being the backup quarterback and didn't rule out getting traded from Pittsburgh.

And to be honest, it appears such a move will take place more and more.

Additionally, the Steelers are dealing with a serious injury that could affect everything coming in Week 1.

Since joining the Steelers in 2007, he has steered the group to ten postseason runs, seven division titles, three AFC Championship Games, two Super Bowl appearances, and a championship in Super Bowl XLIII.

Tomlin won the Super Bowl at the age of 36, breaking the previous mark set by Sean McVay in Super Bowl LVI.

Tomlin's 15 seasons as a head coach have been the longest streak in NFL history without a losing record.

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