Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams had to play their home opener at SoFi Stadium on Thursday night under a silent count after winning the Super Bowl.

Supporters of the Buffalo Bills turned out in force, putting the Los Angeles offence to the test with some loud crowd noise.

Stafford provided a depressing response on the realities of playing home games at SoFi Stadium when asked about this opposing crowd noise following the game.

Stafford stated, We prepared to once again go on the silent count at home,  we've done things like this before.

Despite recent success, the Rams' fan base isn't exactly comparable to other teams' supporters in the league.

After a 20-year existence in St. Louis, the franchise has struggled to fully regain fan support.

Los Angeles is a city that welcomes inhabitants and tourists from all over the nation. This implies that a sizable away fan base will attend every home game.

Despite starting the year in his home stadium, Stafford threw three picks on route to a 31-10 season-opening defeat to the Bills on Thursday night.

Week 2 will feature a home matchup between the Rams and the Atlanta Falcons.

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