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 Marshawn Lynch supports Russell Wilson, and the quarterback discusses his friendship

By Nitin Singh

Since being moved to Denver, Russell Wilson has been the target of unrelenting criticism from his Seattle teammates.

Commentators have criticised Russel for everything from his  Super Bowl turnover to the way his apparel lines are run.

However, there is one person who is not criticising Wilson—a man who had the most to gain from Wilson's Super Bowl decision.

Marshawn Lynch, a former All-Pro rushing back for the Seahawks and potential MVP of the Super Bowl, recently appeared on Richard Sherman's podcast.

Lynch extended his friendship to Wilson instead of joining the cornerback in his mockery.

Lynch was just hired to work with Sherman on Thursday night coverage for Amazon.

Earlier preparations for the six-time 1,000-yard rusher to join the team were put on hold due to a DUI arrest.

Wilson addressed Lynch during his press conference on Thursday.

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