Le'Veon Bell recently faced Adrian Peterson in the ring, but Peterson offered no opposition, so Bell is now searching for a more difficult opponent.

The former NFL running back Bell shouted out the opponent he would like to box next while making an appearance this week on "BS w/ Jake Paul."

The three-time Pro Bowler Bell also stated that he would willing to competing on the undercard of Paul's forthcoming boxing showdown versus MMA great Anderson Silva slated for October 29.

When both men made their boxing debuts on September 11, Bell dispatched fellow former running back Peterson quickly.

Bell overcame a size disadvantage against Peterson, who is also 6-foot-1 but weighed in at 218 pounds, despite fighting at 204 pounds while standing at 204. On Peterson, he was able to get an impressive KO.

Williams, a multiple-time All-NBA selection, defeated another former NFL running back (Frank Gore) in his boxing debut in December.

Williams still looked quite good in the ring but needed a split decision from the judges to win.

Williams, a 6-foot-3 fighter who competed against Gore when weighing 211 pounds, would probably be a stronger challenge to Bell.

However, there are some indications that Williams may ultimately reject Bell's advances.

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