Running quarterbacks have both their benefits and drawbacks. 

Running QB are capable of making plays that pocket-bound quarterbacks are unable to, but they also have a very high potential for disaster.

With players like that, you have to expect some randomness.

 It's safe to say that the Arizona Cardinals have come to expect some randomness from quarterback Kyler Murray. That may be fantastic sometimes, but not always.

During the Cardinals' game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. Darrel Williams, a running back, scored a one-yard rushing touchdown to bring the score to Raiders 23, Cardinals 13 with 8:13 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Murray took 20.8 seconds for the play to end, according to the CBS broadcast, and according to Next Gen Stats, he  travelled 84.8 yards to get there.

QBs like Murray have the ability to astound and exasperate, as we previously stated. Both are occasionally possible in the same play.

Kyler Cole Murray is an American football quarterback for the National Football League's Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals selected Murray first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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