Jake Gervase seemed to ignore Josh Allen during the postgame handshake line after the Buffalo Bills easily defeated the Los Angeles Rams.

Fortunately, Allen took to Twitter to explain what had occurred.

"I was wondering if someone was still on the team," Allen wrote on Twitter. "Take it easy, lol."

Allen was asking Rams teammates if Tyler Hall was still on the team. He was teammates with Allen at Wyoming.

Allen's luck ran out on Tuesday when the Rams waived Hall after reaching an injury settlement. He couldn't meet up with him after the game as a result.

The one thing that didn't go Allen's way on Thursday night was this post-game confrontation.

With three touchdowns and two interceptions for 297 yards, Allen completed 26 of his 31 pass attempts.

On the ground, he gained 56 yards and scored once.

The Bills will return to action against the Tennessee Titans on September 19.