Jeff Saturday's Hiring: A "Mockery" Of The Sport

By Babita Singh

The press conference held on Saturday to introduce Jeff to the Colts was a complete fiasco.

The Colts shockingly revealed on Monday afternoon that they have hired Jeff Saturday even though he has no prior NFL coaching experience.

During a press conference on Monday night, Colts owner Jim Irsay attempted to justify his choice to employ Saturday, but every response he provided was absurd.

Irsay stated during the press conference that he appreciated Saturday's lack of NFL experience since he hasn't developed "fear" and won't rely on analytics.

Irsay then oddly boasted that his club had been in the "top quartile" since 2000.

The presser was so terrible that coaches and executives referred to it as a "mockery" and were incensed that Saturday had been appointed without experience.

Jeffrey Bryant Saturday is a former centre for American football.

Saturday works as a sports analyst and temporary head coach for the National Football League's Indianapolis Colts.

At the University of North Carolina, Saturday played the collegiate football.

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