The Denver Broncos' supporters are incredibly optimistic going into Seattle.

The Denver Broncos are a 6.5-point favourite over the Seattle Seahawks according to the oddsmakers, and many believe they will triumph by a bigger margin.

The fact that each team's quarterback is different is a key factor in this.

Russell Wilson is being replaced by Geno Smith for the Seahawks, while Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock are being replaced by a nine-time Pro Bowler for the Broncos

Due to this, almost everyone in Broncos Country is anticipating a huge victory.

In the end, the Seahawks' rushing offence performed well, averaging five yards per attempt, third-highest in the NFL

The Seahawks' rushing totals were improved by Rashaad Penny's good performances in a few games.

For the final five weeks, Penny played the role of the starting running back and amassed at least 135 yards in four of the games.

But in terms of yards allowed per game, those opponents' run defences were ranked 31, 23, 28, and 20, respectively.

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