The Denver Broncos defeated the Houston Texans 16-9 on Sunday.

It was a terrifying fall down a flight of stairs that ended with Denver on its feet as time expired.

In week one, an ill-conceived 64-yard field goal attempt set the stage for more coaching growing pains in week two.

A complete inability to manage the play clock introduced Broncos Country to a new fandom for the first time.

To keep the Broncos focused on the game, the crowd began shouting out the play clock.

Don't blame them for using all three timeouts due to coaching errors with plenty of time remaining in the game.

Last night, MHR's Tim Lynch was furious in our Postgame podcast 

 Lynch vented that anger in an article asking Nathaniel Hackett to delegate his play-calling duties to someone else so that he could learn the basics of game management. be able to focus on.

It's too early to start squeezing the coach's clipboard. I disagree with Tim's assessment that some duties should be outsourced.

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