The Chicago Bears have faced criticism from the national media as they prepare for the start of the 2022 NFL regular season.

On paper, the Bears are an easy target for the national media.

Despite glimpses of brilliance from rookie quarterback Justin Fields during the 2021 regular season, his stat line suggests that he is on track to be a failed first-round pick.

The Bears also hired Matt Eberflus as their head coach, who has a defensive philosophy.

stripping the roster of important veteran players like defensive end Khalil Mack, defensive tackle Akiem Hicks, wide receiver Allen Robinson, and others.

The national media has the viewpoint that they do shouldn't come as a surprise.

But here's the beauty of sports coverage on Google in 2022.

National media personalities can use Google, the magical search engine, to learn more about the squad they plan to feature on their particular platform.

The talking points for the national media personalities regarding the current state of the Bears' organisation can be readily explained away with the help of that mysterious Google machine.

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