The football team's head coach, Scott Frost, has been fired.

After the Huskers' humiliating loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday, Nebraska dismissed him on Sunday night.

Analysts and followers are now attempting to predict which path Nebraska will take in order to replace frost.

One name comes to Paul Finebaum's mind, and it's a huge one.

For Frost's replacement, Finebaum believes Nebraska should pursue Urban Meyer, the former head football coach at Ohio State.

There is no better coach in the league at quickly turning things around, which is precisely what the Huskers need.

The prospect of Urban Meyer coaching at Nebraska would be intriguing, but it's difficult to overlook the kind of off-field baggage Meyer carries. He would be a strike-out addition to the Huskers, given that.

In the NFL, Meyer's most recent position as a coach.

Meyers only played with the Jacksonville Jaguars for a partial season. But that's the NFL, whereas this is college. He is skilled at completing tasks at the college level.

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