Tua Tagovailoa, the Miami Dolphins quarterback, was carried off the field on a stretcher on Thursday night following a severe blow.

A defensive lineman with the Cincinnati Bengals smashed Tua to the ground, rendering him unconscious.

Tua, lay on the field surrounded by emergency staff for several minutes before being carried away on a stretcher.

Amazon made the decision to continue playing clips of the hit while Tua was lying on the ground.

The idea to keep portraying Tua being struck unconscious didn't go over well with the audience.

Amazon must explain why it chose to show the replay so many times.

A fan stated, "It wasn't necessary for Amazon to zoom in and replay it in slow motion. Just an incredible amount of insensitivity on the part of so many people "

Another fan furiously said, "Why the hell would you replay this man laying on the ground like that…prayers up tua".

Due to head and neck injuries, Tua has been declared out for the remaining game by the Dolphins.

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