In the fourth quarter of tonight's AFC West match, Justin Herbert was the target of a strong shot from the Kansas City Chiefs.

After the game, Herbert was in a lot of discomfort and had to leave the field with trainers.

Thankfully, Herbert was still able to participate despite the injuries.

Exactly one play later, he returned to the game. The severity of his possible damage, though, is a major source of concern.

For virtually the rest of the game, Herbert was grimacing. For pain relief, he had to even hold his left arm at a 90-degree angle.

The Chargers' decision to keep him in the game during Week 2 has incensed the crowd.

Therefore, Justin Herbert earned a lot of respect tonight. He is regarded as one of the League's hardest players.

Let's hope Herbert doesn't suffer an extended injury. 

Happily, the Chargers have 10 days off before the third week.

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