Running back Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys claims that there is no quarterback debate.

Elliott is aware that owner Jerry Jones enjoys spinning stories to attract readers and listeners, but he also understands that when Dak Prescott is healthy, he is very good player.

When he plays, the Cowboys are a different squad than when he doesn't. They have an overall record of 53-33 when he starts as quarterback and 6-7 when someone else does.

Prescott also recently led the Cowboys to the playoffs. In 2020, he was injured and missed much of the season, causing the team to miss the playoffs.

Rush is currently leading the team while Prescott is out with a finger injury.

The Cowboys are coming off a thrilling 20-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday.

 The Cowboys will seek to improve to 2-1 overall against the New York Giants on Monday night.

Rush is the starter for the time being, but that will change once Prescott is ready.

Comparatively, Prescott is better than Rush when he is completely fit.

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