Jones stated that the team will never be for sale while he is in charge, 

despite his estimation that the organization is worth more than $10 billion. 

It wasn't entirely trouble-free. Tom Landry, the only coach the Cowboys had ever had, was fired by Jones as soon as he took office

and Jimmy Johnson was appointed in his place.

The new owner experienced Super Bowl success in just three short years.

The Dallas Cowboys had one of the most powerful teams in the 1990s thanks in large part to him, as the team won three Super Bowls during that time.

In 1983, Donald Trump came close to paying $50 million for the Dallas Cowboys.

Instead, he decided to purchase the New Jersey Generals of the USFL in 1984.

Two years after the USFL's demise, the Cowboys are now worth $8 billion.

This was uttered by Trump in 1984. "I feel sorry for the poor guy who is going to buy the Cowboys ... he'll be known to the world as a loser."

We are aware that Trump's decision to back out of the agreement gave Jones the opportunity to seize control of the Cowboys, 

but what the former US president said just before Jones decided to take the risk still undoubtedly bothers him today. 

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