During the Week 2 game against the Seahawks, the quarterback shattered his ankle and had to be helped off the field. 

To commemorate this, the Eagles dispatched a group to NFL Africa, which included cheerleaders Gabriela Bren and Taylor Everette:

The NFL's first official activities to take place in Africa are commemorated with The Touchdown, a weeklong festival.

These occasions included a talent identification camp, a fan event, and a flag football clinic as part of the NFL's strategic aim to locate talented players globally.

There are more NFL players travelling internationally, including over 100 people of African heritage.

This programme is an effort to make it simpler for those international players to enter the league, and it is a step in the right direction. 

Gabriela and Taylor were two of several people who participated in a panel that allowed audience members to ask questions of those involved with the game during the week of events.

Gabriela and Taylor were thrilled to be able to discuss their careers outside of cheerleading as well as their cheerleading experiences.

Taylor is working on becoming a paediatric physical therapist, and Gabriela is a trauma surgery critical care unit nurse.

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