Denver Broncos Russel Wilson's Poor Performance Not Justifying His Expensive Contract

By Babita Singh

Russell Wilson has had abysmal performances for the Denver Broncos. This has raised serious concerns about his lengthy and costly deal.

In the Denver offence, Wilson has appeared to be a shell of his former self, yet he is under contract until 2028.

Due to the construction of the salary cap laws, the NFL has a problem with contracts. Long-term deals are risky investments because of this and the physical nature of the sport.

Russel Wilson contract with Broncos is of worth $242 million for five years.

Nobody anticipated this. Everyone applauded the move when Russell Wilson was moved to the Denver Broncos during the summer.

With the Seattle Seahawks offence in shambles, Russell Wilson's career had become monotonous.

Wilson had no time to waste, and the Broncos roster was strong overall and on defence in particular.

When his contract with the Broncos expires, Wilson will be approaching 40 years old, and it is evident that he won't get any better.

Nobody will accept that contract given how  he is performing in 2022, which restricts Denver's ability to surround Wilson with quality players.