The property firm established by Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper to construct the unsuccessful team headquarters in South Carolina.

According to court records, the real estate corporation has submitted an application to the bankruptcy court that would pay the general contractor of the project $60 million. Additionally, it appears that the general contractor concurs.

The $60 million proposal must be approved by a federal bankruptcy judge and put to a vote by the contractor creditors in order to become effective, according to court records.

The legal and insolvency disputes currently appear to be limited to GT Real Estate and primarily the City of Rock Hill and York County.

The amount that the city and county assert they are entitled, up to $100 million, is the subject of legal disputes between the city, county, and GT Real Estate.

According to records, the bankruptcy plan filed on Friday eliminates any potential guaranteed payments to York County and Rock Hill.

In court records, GT Real Estate asserts that it owes the county and the city nothing.

Tepper established GT Real Estate to construct the team's practise facility and headquarters.

In a dispute over project funding earlier this year, GT Real Estate halted development and declared bankruptcy.

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