Chargers QB Justin Herbert excels in several areas, Dan Fouts and Philip Rivers could only imagineg remark

By Navneet Singh

In Week 14, Justin Herbert put on an impressive performance to assist the Los Angeles Chargers defeat the Miami Dolphins.

In the process, Herbert accomplished history that neither Philip Rivers nor Dan Fouts did while playing for the team.

Tua Tagovailoa, the great quarterback for the Dolphins, was outplayed by Chargers QB Herbert in the contest, and Herbert's efficiency set a new Chargers record.

For a total of 367 yards and one touchdown, Herbert completed 39 of his 51 attempts.

With that, Herbert became the first player in team history to complete at least 70 percent of his passes on at least 50 attempts.

Even Rivers and Fouts, despite how terrific they were for the club, couldn't achieve that level of effectiveness at such a high rate.

There is no arguing that Herbert's great passing placed them in position to win, even though it is somewhat surprising that he only managed to score one touchdown with that kind of performance. The Chargers won by a score of 23-17.

Apart from creating Chargers history, Justin Herbert also set a new NFL record by beating Andrew Luck's prior mark.

After the win, Herbert now has 13,060 passing yards, beating Luck's record of 12,957 yards in a player's first three seasons in the NFL.