The Cincinnati Bengals are a little weak at wide receiver after star Tee Higgins was injured in the team's season-opening loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Chad Johnson, a former standout receiver for the Bengals, has an original and amusing fix for the issue.

Tuesday night, Johnson proposed that the Bengals sign him in place of Higgins so they can use him "as a decoy" until the top receiver from Cincinnati is fit enough to play again.

On Tuesday night, Johnson tweeted, "I don't need the ball, just use me as a decoy. I'm in crazy shape & don't need a contract, still have 78% of my earnings, thoughts? I'm in shape if you need me until Tee is 100%.

Although it's obviously a joke, the strategy might actually work, especially because Higgins is wearing Johnson's former jersey number, 85.

Not just Johnson, a former standout receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, maintains his NFL readiness.

Former Johnson teammate Terrell Owens, 48, stunned the NFL world earlier this month when he ran a lightning-quick 4.38-second 40-yard sprint.

The Bengals should perhaps call both of them. It would definitely result in ticket sales, at the very least.

Chad Johnson is a former American football wide receiver.

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