According to reports, the Chicago Bears are attempting to leave Soldier Field due to the unfavourable circumstances that will exist for the start of the season.

Sunday's season-opening games between the Bears and San Francisco 49ers will take place in a swamp.

Less than two hours prior to their 1 p.m. start time, reports and videos surfaced showing how much water is on the grass field. starts at ET.

The drainage problem at Solider Field is obvious, and it might now cost two elite teams a game.

Those looking to place a Week 1 wager pounced on the opportunity after seeing the weather forecast.

Before the game, the total dropped by more than two full points to over/under 38, according to consensus data.

Friday's total was 40, having previously opened at 42.5.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the number of tickets and money on the Under increased as many people associated the conditions with potential offensive performances.

Despite a significant drop in the total, the 49ers remained a 6.5-point road favourite.

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