Fans were discussing about Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers during the first quarter of the Longhorns' game versus the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The Texas attack appeared to be under his control as the Longhorns pieced together two scoring drives.

Unfortunately, with just a few seconds remaining in the first quarter, he appeared to sustain a catastrophic injury.

When Ewers jumped to try to make a pass, an Alabama defender caught him, and he was subsequently knocked to the ground.

The talented quarterback hard slammed the ground with his left arm pinned.

Finally, he was led to the locker room.

After the play, Texas supporters began recalling Colt McCoy's injury versus Alabama in the national championship game.

Colt McCoy memories are currently resurfacing for every Texas supporter.

It is hoped that Ewers' injury won't be as severe as McCoy's was.

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