Gavin Escobar, a former tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, perished in a rock climbing mishap in Idlywild, California. He was 31.

The bodies of two rock climbers were discovered on Wednesday.

Gavin Escobar was one of the victims, and 33-year-old Chelsea Walsh was the other.

Escobar and Walsh are both native Californians of Huntington Beach.

The Cowboys posted a message regarding Escobar's demise on social media late on Thursday night.

American football tight end Gavin Louis Escobar spent six seasons in the National Football League.

From 2013 to 2017, he was a member of the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys.

This past February, Escobar joined the Long Beach Fire Department as a fireman.

In addition, Escobar leaves behind a wife and two kids.

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